[c-nsp] An attribute with less priority than local preference for choosing a best path.

Gert Doering gert at greenie.muc.de
Fri Jun 3 12:30:48 EDT 2022


On Fri, Jun 03, 2022 at 06:26:37PM +0200, Gert Doering wrote:
> MED is what we use, because local-pref basically just ensures job
> security (because once you start, you'll be twiddling all day to
> fix the unexpected consequences).

Forgot to add the URL to The Talk :-)


  (same thing, video + slide show)

  https://pretalx.com/denog13/talk/RVC77F/ (slides)

(I've let people talk me into making this a live show at DENOG 13
last fall...)

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