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If the modem supports DUT filtering, activating the filtering should remove the unwanted traffic.

In show cable modem verbose you can see if the DUT capability of the modem.
Optional Filtering Support         : {802.1P=N, 802.1Q=N, DUT=Y}

See section 6.5..2.1 of  http://www.cablelabs.com/specifications/CM-SP-L2VPN-I09-100611.pdf for details.


On Jun 21, 2012, at 9:46 PM, Matt Bernardi wrote:

Hello all,

I recently set up TLS on a uBR7225VXR (NPE-G2) running Version 12.2(33)SCD5 and an MC88V line card. I have everything almost working properly. I am going to break this up into two parts.

Here is the configuration I've applies to the CMTS:

cable l2-vpn-service xconnect nsi dot1q
cable dot1q-vc-map 0025.2eaf.6e58 GigabitEthernet0/2 80 TLS-TEST

While I have full IP connectivity it seems like its not a true L2 VLAN like I assumed. On my CPE device I do a packet capture and one would think I should only see L2 and L3 traffic from VID80 right? However my capture is show tons of ARP requests from my bundle interface applied to the cable plant interfaces(Cable 1/0 & Cable 1/1). I'm just curious if I missed something in the configuration or if anyone else has experienced this? I figured if the above configuration is applied then, that means whatever CPE device that is behind the modem with MAC 0025.2eaf.6e58 is now part of VID80 and should NOT see any other L2 traffic other than what is on VID80, not all L2 traffic on the CMTS?

My other question is on multicast support with TLS. I am using this to test our new MPEG4 video content that we are about to deploy. From looking at the counters on CMTS interface plugged into our core I can see ~8Mb/s of video hitting the CMTS(only a couple channels, don't want to saturate the DS). I know that the network piece is correct, i.e multicast traffic is tagged with the correct VID. But I cannot receive the video on the CPE device. The other thing I did to test if it was the CMTS blocking just multicast is turned on OPSF on that specific VID and from my CPE device, while doing a packet capture, cannot see the OSPF hellos. I'm thinking there is a command that needs enabled on the cmts but I cannot figure it out.

Any help would be appreciated!

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