[cisco-voip] Caller ID name display on AS5350, part deux

Adam Rothschild asr+cisco-voip at latency.net
Sun Jun 5 19:02:17 EDT 2005

Follow up to myself...

On 2005-06-05-17:27:18, Adam Rothschild <asr+cisco-voip at latency.net> wrote:
> interface Serial3/0:23
>  no ip address
>  load-interval 30
>  isdn switch-type primary-ni
>  isdn incoming-voice modem
>  isdn supp-service name calling
>  isdn negotiate-bchan
>  isdn outgoing display-ie

Changing that to:

   no isdn outgoing display-ie

...seemed to result in the transmission of a RPID field when the
call's handed off to the SIP proxy:

  Remote-Party-ID: "pending" <sip:201XXXXXXX at X.X.X.X>;party=calling;screen=yes;privacy=off

Which, while a step in the right direction, doesn't exactly solve my
problem, as it appears as though the AS is handing the call off to the
remote SIP endpoint before the carrier transmits the calling party
name.  Is there any way to have the AS pause for X seconds prior to
answering an ISDN call, to allow for all CID data to be properly
transmitted, perhaps?

Any known work-arounds would be appreciated.


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