[cisco-voip] CCIE Security Vs Voice

Ramiz Sardar ramizchaudhary at gmail.com
Mon Feb 2 23:55:59 EST 2009

I recently passed R&S and now want to go for either Voice or Security. I
have CCVP but worked on both voice and security as i am working with cisco
partner. What point discouraging me to start voice blindly is that CCIE
voice has place only on vendor side and very limited scope. I think only
cisco or its partner can pay good to a CCIE Voice where as all doors are
opened for CCIE Security. Security is ever green but don't say about Voice.

My Major concerns:
1. Does Service Providers use Cisco device and so do they need CCIE Voice?
2. Does Enterprises have such a big voice setup that they hire CCIE Voice
and pay good?
3. If a guy with computer sciences background and having ccie r&s and voice
can compete with people having telecom and voice background.

Please add your comments and help me taking right decision.

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