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That’s what they say. I just can’t believe it, sounds fishy to me. 


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Remember to compare apples to apples and oranges to oranges.

You don't HAVE to pay support to Cisco after you buy the system. It will run and you can get support (but not major upgrades) from other venues, this list being one.

I doubt highly that Avaya provides both hardware and major software maintenance at no cost.

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I have a customer that is looking at Avaya IP office system. One of their biggest complaints with Cisco is the Smart net for the hardware and, ESW / UCSS for the software. Avaya is telling them that there is NO maintenance with their system… ever. So once they buy it they will not have the reoccurring cost. I don’t deal with any other systems except Cisco but this just does not sound correct. Has anyone had experience with this? 



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