[cisco-voip] Inter-cluster Trunk & MWI

Michael Back Michael.Back at nisd.net
Tue Feb 10 17:09:44 EST 2009

I have seen a couple of threads about sending MWI across an ICT to
another cluster.  I am having some trouble getting this to work
correctly.  I have QSIG enabled on the trunk.  When a message is left in
the mail box, I hear a chirp on the phone in the other cluster and see a
missed call.  When the message is deleted, same thing happens again. 
So, I would guess that MWI is hitting the phone but not able to turn on
the light.  Cluster 1 is 4.1.3 and cluster 2 is 7.0.1.  I am using Unity
5 integrated with cluster 1.  Does anyone have any suggestions for why
this would happen.  Thanks for your help.

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