[cisco-voip] Tone On Hold for a conference bridge system

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That timer you are changing will not affect your h.323 gateway. if you
want silence on hold to that gateway, you need to do what i was
mentioning earlier using mutlicast.

your other option is using a blank audio file that you record and
upload. You MUST MAKE IT A DECENT LENGTH. don't upload a 5 second
audio file - i'd say 30 seconds is good. This unfortunately will also
affect MoH on the rest of your network, since you'd need to set this
as the source for all of your phones. The multicast thing we can do
without affecting other gateways or IP phones.


On Wed, Feb 11, 2009 at 11:57 AM, Micah Bennett <mbennett at als-xtn.com> wrote:
> Our router is connected to the PBX via two T1s directly.  The gateway is
> set up as H323.
> 1 T1 has 3 groups of channels (12, 6 and 6)
> The second T1 is a full group of 24 channels.
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> How is this PBX connected to your callmanager system; what kind of
> gateway (h.323 / MGCP) do you use to to connect to it, or is it via
> IP? The timer does not affect all types of gateway devices, and you
> will still hear a beep when the call is initially placed on hold.
> The most common way and serest-to-work way to do this is to actually
> set up multicast music on hold between callmanager and the held
> device. Leave multicast routing disabled in your network, or configure
> an ACL to block the mcast group for MoH to this device (derived from a
> combination of, source server, sourcec ID and codec chosen) so that
> the mcast traffic doesnt get to the held device - the result is
> silence on hold.
> I can describe the steps in more detail for you if you're interested.
> Restarting the ccm service coudl potentially be required for your
> change, but the help docs /webpage should tell you if this is
> necessary. if this doesn't work for you, i recommend trying ti the way
> i described.
> -Peter
> On Wed, Feb 11, 2009 at 10:43 AM, Micah Bennett <mbennett at als-xtn.com>
> wrote:
>> Hello all
>> We have an older PBX system that we are using as a conference bridge.
> It
>> has the ability to easily configure groups of incoming ports that will
> be
>> linked together.  Anyway, its been working fine.  My only issue is
> that when
>> someone calls into the conf bridge and puts the call on hold the rest
> of the
>> callers hear the "beep beep beep" Tone on hold every 10 seconds.
>> I found the below information in the Cisco docs regarding some
> settings
>> where I can disable the ToH, but I have a question.  After I change
> the
>> timer do I need to restart that server or the service for that to take
>> effect?  I have it changed to 200000 right now but it did not change
>> anything.  I am thinking a reset may be needed to implement it.
>> If a reset of the service is needed, is this something that can be
> done
>> anytime or best reserved for the maintenance window?
>> Q. How do I disable Tone on Hold (ToH)?
>>     A. Complete these steps in order to disable ToH:
>>        1. Go to the Cisco CallManager Administration page.
>>        2. Choose Service > Service Parameters.
>>        3. Choose CallManager IP as the Server and Cisco CallManager as
> the
>> Service.
>>        4. Go to the Clusterwide Parameters (Device - General) section
> on the
>> Service Parameters configuration page.
>>        5. Change the value of the Tone On Hold Timer to 2000000
> seconds and
>> click Update.
>>     A. This parameter specifies the number of seconds between every
> two hold
>> tones that are played when a call is put on hold. For non-MGCP-based
>> devices, if this value is 0, the held device plays the hold tone only
> one
>> time when the caller is put on hold. If the value is 200000, no hold
> tone
>> plays. Otherwise, the held device plays the hold tone every so many
> seconds
>> (specified by this value) repeatedly. If the specified value is less
> than 5
>> seconds, the device raises it to 5 seconds. For MGCP-based devices,
> the hold
>> tone is disabled if this value is 0 or 200000. Any other value enables
> the
>> hold tone on MGCP-based devices when the caller is put on hold.
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