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First of all, static noise looks like an impedance problem/mismatch on the PSTN/pots side, and not like a QoS problem.

But anyway, the QoS setup would be similar to Cisco phones:
- I assume the phone will send out 802.1p/dscp markings
   - if so you need to configure the switch to trust those markings
   - if not you need to define a policy to match that traffic (based on the incoming port, ip, protocol or ...) and mark it yourself
- you need to assign those markings to the (hw-)queues of your choice on the interface on the switches
- you need to define LLQ on the routers to assign priority bandwidth to those packets/markings

the following url will explain all the steps in detail:

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I have a Nortel BCM200 phone system w/ I2002 & I2004 phones. We are needing to configure QOS on the 3560Gs they have in place for their Nortel phones. They are currently complaining of static on all the phone lines including their intercom system (thru the Nortel phone system). We have them Vlan'd out (voice/data) but not sure of the commands to enable the QOS on switch for the phones. Does anyone happen to have any incite as to what needs to be done in order to enable the QOS for these phones? Any help would be appreciated.

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