[cisco-voip] KDC Event ID:11 from Unity servers

Keith Chiang kchiang at fidelus.com
Fri Feb 13 09:20:29 EST 2009

Anyone seen this message before?

There are multiple accounts with name MSSQLSvc/serverA.domain.com:1433 of type DS_SERVICE_PRINCIPAL_NAME.

I found some info in MS website - http://support.microsoft.com/kb/321044

I have also found the duplicate SPNs in my 2 Unity servers -

dn: CN=UnityInstall,CN=Users,DC=domain,DC=com
changetype: add
servicePrincipalName: MSSQLSvc/NYUNITY01.domain.com:1433
servicePrincipalName: MSSQLSvc/NYUNITY02.domain.com:1433

dn: CN=NYUNITY02,CN=Computers,DC=domain,DC=com
changetype: add
servicePrincipalName: MSSQLSvc/NYUNITY02.domain.com:1433
servicePrincipalName: SMTPSVC/NYUNITY02
servicePrincipalName: SMTPSVC/NYUNITY02.domain.com
servicePrincipalName: HOST/NYUNITY02
servicePrincipalName: HOST/NYUNITY02.domain.com

Anyone knows what ramifications this error may affect Unity servers functionality?  I am not comfortable with the resolution provided by MS website.  Any advice?

Thanks in advance.

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