[cisco-voip] Question: Linksys (and others) SIP Phones with CCM 6.x/7.x

Kelemen Zoltan keli at carocomp.ro
Mon Feb 16 07:04:38 EST 2009


1) I don't see a point in changing firmware to SIP. The native firmware 
is still SCCP, and AFAIK it still offers a bit more than it's SIP 
2) Seat licenses will cost more with third party SIP phones. On the 
other hand, since Linksys's voice line has been more or less integrated 
into the Cisco offer, it's future support is questionable at least (no 
point in running competing products, right?)
3) You need to buy separate MCS for IPCCX (or rather UCCX as it's called 
nowadays). UCCM 5.x+ does not support any collocated applications anymore.

.. just my 2c.


Syed Khalid Ali wrote:
> Dear all,,
> 1- One of out client is planning to upgrade from CallManager 4.2 to
> either version 6 or 7. They have a number of Cisco
> Phone with SCCP (I think 150+, including 7911,12,40,60). Is is worth
> upgrading phones to SIP.
> 2- If they don't want to go with Cisco SIP phones. What about Linksys
> phones. Are they supported and compatible with
> CallManager 6.x or 7.x release.
> 3- They also running IPCC Expess colocated on CCM box. IPCCX version
> is 4.0. Do they need an upgrade for IPCCX as well or it will work with
> CCM 6/7. Moreover, IPCCX will stil be colocated or do we need to buy
> another MCS or compatible server.
> Need your suggestion(s)!

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