[cisco-voip] End of the PBX

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They have partnered with Polycom for hard phones, and may I say, they’re fairly sweet.


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Good points. I agree. I think MS will have to concentrate on hardening their systems before people will jump to running their PBX on it. Then again, if they can tolerate the system going down once and a while, maybe they won't care.

The other thing is, as far as I know, MS is not going to be producing hard phones. Something to consider.

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I don't know if I can give you much.


M$ does do a good job of Presence, and IM.  I think that Unified messaging still has a little to be desired, but in 3 to 5 years I think they could nail that down.  I do have a school using Exchange 2k7 for there UM system.  works well for them.  We use OCS for Presence and IM and am working on integrating it with CM when I have time.


I don't think I like the idea of runing my call processing on M$ now that I'm on the appliance based CM.  But that doesn't mean that there won't be a mix and match of systems in the future if both M$ and Ci$co don't do things to make one system or the other, truely the best.


MS doesn't currently have any contact center stuff to my knowledge so that will have to come if they really want to contend in the PBX market.


just my 2 cents



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I have been looking all over for a forum to ask other Cisco PBX people about Microsoft and their PBX plans... this is the only one I can find that seems right. I hope you will give me your opinions and not kill me for not asking a technical question...   


http://www.techworld.com.au/article/275963/microsoft_rounds_voice_assaul <http://www.techworld.com.au/article/275963/microsoft_rounds_voice_assaul>   



After reading this article it is obvious to me Microsoft intends to replace the PBX. The timeline looks like 3 to 5 years before they are in a position to fully replace the PBX and go head to head with the leaders of the PBX industry. 


My company is a MS house and this type system will gain a lot of interest especially since it is "free", not free as in free beer but free as in you already pay for it in your Microsoft CAL enterprise licenses so why not use it and decommission the Costly PBX... 



Your thoughts and sugestions about how to combat this...




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