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Asterisk is another one they will have to worry about. More in the small business sector in the short/med term, but once they get scaling and high availability sorted out, it will be a challenger. And yes, as someone mentioned, it needs to be more user friendly. I think what you will find is that people will "sell" the front end and asterisk will continue to be free on the back end. 

There are already asterisk appliances available. This will also make it a ripe product. 

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well, on the note of moving away from Unity 

I'll ask the question: 

Has anyone on the list considered or experimented with integrating Asterisk's IVR/voicemail/call handlers into UCM at any level? 

I did a SIP trunk between an Asterisk server and a CCM 4.X server once and it worked quite handily to support a few wireless SIP phones. 

I've never tried out the IVR capacities of Asterisk and just wondered if anyone found it to be usable? 

I'd be interested to hear where people place Asterisk on the playing field now. 

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It is definately something I've been kicking around for some time. I just haven't yet pulled the trigger. 

I have Exchange 2k7 UM installed at one of my School Districts and they love it (but they also have never had unity). The have a great voice portal which they love. they have true UM. Negitves are lack of Call handlers and the such. 

I have a SLA with MS for pretty much all Enterprise OS / Apps and it would not cost use much at all. I've been totally frustrated with Cisco on their pricing structure for smartnet / subscriptions. I'm paying more for my Unity server in contract then my CM cluster. 

budgets get any tighter and it may just push me over the top. We already use OCS for IM / Presence, and I'm working on integrating CM into it. I think I could see us going to Excheange 2k7 pretty easy. I don't see coming off CM for Call Processing or UCCx for contact center, but Unity is pretty easy to flip a coin. and it would get it off my plate and on to my Exchange / AD guys plate =) 


2009/2/18 Tkachuk,Birni < birnit at nait.ca > 

Has anyone thrown in the towel with Unity and opted out for the Microsoft Voicemail product. We're aware of the work around with MWI. What about interfacing with a Blackberry Enterprise Server? 

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