[cisco-voip] problem with some sending faxes in a inter-connection beteween a Alcatel 4400 and a Call Manager 6 - E1 trunk

Pedro Nogueira pedro.nogueira at sicnet.pt
Thu Feb 19 12:26:12 EST 2009




I have a inter-connection between a Alcatel 4400 and a Call Manager 6
with the Media Gateway working in MGCP mode and the trunk working in E1
mode, and sometimes some faxes with more then 1 page fail (there are
about 30 faxes)  and the problem only happens with some; the faxes that
give problems are connected to the Alcatel side, and I already made a
test that about 10 faxes that were given problems too, and that were
connected to the Alcatel 4400, I passed them to the Call Manager side
and they stopped given problems, and never failed to send or receive any
faxes again.


Anyone knows why is this problem happening ?

Anyone can give me some help about this problem?


Any help would be extremely appreciated as this problem already gave me
many head heaches.


Thanks in advanced,





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