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Apologies, I mis-quoted below. The translation pattern must specify the
"Calling Party Transform Mask" - which in your case will be the hunt pilot.
Its very important to make sure your destination DNs are not in the CSS
assigned to the line/phone. If they are, the Translation Pattern is never a
most specific match. i.e. lets say your translation pattern is for 4XXXX; if
one of the hunt group members dials 41234, and that number is in the CSS,
the most specific match rule applies.

You can further restrict access to the hunt group members by placing their
DNs in a separate partition. This way, you not only translate on-net calls
to the hunt group pilot, you stop people from calling the members
directly. This sort of thing is particularly useful in service desk

If you're doing this in CME its even easier. Just apply a translation rule
to the ephone-dn. Of course, CME you're probably less likely to need the
feature, but its definitely there.

On Tue, Feb 24, 2009 at 8:20 AM, Alex de GRUITER
<alex.degruiter at gmail.com>wrote:

> You can use on-net translations so that the source number appears as
> the hunt pilot DN. Instructions follow (original source:
> http://www.ccievoicestudy.com/Cisco/VoIP/On-Net_Masking/)
> Using translation patterns it is possible to mask DN A when it calls
> DN B so that it appears as DN C.
> * Configure a translation pattern to match the number of digits used
> in the dial plan (i.e. 4 digits is XXXX)
> * Configure the translation pattern in the CSS assigned to DN A
> * Configure the Called Party Mask as the DN of Phone C
> * Configure the CSS on the translation pattern with a CSS that
> includes DN B. Important: ensure DN B does not appear in the CSS of DN
> A, since this would be a most specific match
> Note that Calling Name is still presented, irrespective of Mask. This
> can either be restricted under the translation pattern, or the
> alerting name under the line can be altered.
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