[cisco-voip] dial plans to redo or not

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                I am fairly new to the voice area with CMCU and CME. But
what I have always tried to do is to have some type of number matching in
place depending on the site. Like I just added a new site in Boca and I got
the numbers from the telco and the last four numbers of the number are 7003
- 7012 so the users got extensions with those last four digits on Call


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I've worked with clusters with different types of dial plans, some with
planned out dial plans where things were nicely segmented where every
location had a defined set of extensions, and where a user could easily know
where an extension was by its number, etc. In that sort of system we had
DIDs and used translation patterns to convert them to the proper extensions.
Suffice it to say in no case did anything more than the last 2 digits of the
DIDs match the extension it corresponded to


Then there's the other end, Extensions were all setup based on the DIDs
provided by the telco and I couldn't tell you whether extension AAAA is at
Campus A or Campus B let alone what building at each campus (ok not quite
that bad but a newbie would struggle mightily)


How do other people here handle this? Do you do my first scenario and plan
out as much as you can or ?? What would you do if you came into a system
like the second one I mentioned, I really would like to redo the entire
thing, but how feasible is that. Ideally I would use my test server and
rebuild the entire thing.


Any thoughts, ideas, etc, appreciated!



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