[cisco-voip] Unity connection 7x RAID controller best practice

FrogOnDSCP46EF ciscoboy2006 at gmail.com
Wed Feb 25 18:16:21 EST 2009

I can't find any document which gives me a clear idea of bumping up the disk
space in 7845-H2 server.

I am thinking to order a 7845/h2 hardware with 8 x 156 Hard disks in it.

How can I make a full use of those 8 hard disk to have maximum hard disk
space with redundancy?

If Unity cxn had an option to manually define partion and had option to
define message location in a certain partion, I would do this:

disk1 to disk2 <<<<<<<<<<<-- OS/software- RAID 1 + 0
Disk3 to disk 8 = RAID5<<<---- for voicemailbox.

But heck , it doesn't give an option to manually define.

other question always bugs me


What happens to the disk array of unity 4 server, when we pop-in Unity
connection or call manager DVD and try installing CCM5/6 or UCxn 2/6/7x  on
unity 4 server?
Assuming unity 4x server has RAID configured - disk1-2  = os, disk3-4 = D
drive, disk5-8 = exchange server.

Would CCM or UCxn DVD modify the RAID config according to what they need?
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