[cisco-voip] CUCM & IP VC MCU integration !!!

Djokic Sinisa sdjokic at mds.rs
Thu Feb 26 04:04:11 EST 2009


hi group..


has anybody experience in topis of video conferences so i could clarify some
things to my self..

so, if we want to have the following video conference scenarion..


1. 3x sccp video endpoint call certain number ( for example meetme ) and
join video conference ( let's call this a schedule conference although it
isn't it right sense of the word )
as far as i know this isn't a problem, IPVC 3515 is added as sccp conference
bridge in CUCM6.1 and it should work, correct me if i'm wrong..
2. 3 x sip video clients call a cetain number and join video conference..
it should also work..on IPVC 3515 we would have some ports allocated for SIP
and endpoints would call predifined number..
correct me if i'm wrong..
3. 2x sccp video endpoints are in the call, and one of them decides to call
a 3rd one and make a video conference..ad-hoc conference..
it works also beacuse IPVC MCU is invoked as a conference bridge..correct me
if i'm wrong..
4. what looks to me isn't supported is ad-hoc conferences initiated form sip
video endpoint..
from SRND it looks like that sccp video endpoint can call a sip video
endpoint in video conference, but sip video endpoint cannot initiate a
that is a problem for us..if i got it wright..
is there a solution for this request..
so, to summarize, our client wants to have ability to make scheduled ( user
calls certain predifined number ) and ad-hoc video conferences ( while in
2-party call, one of them needs to initiate a conference to 3rd endpoint )..
all devices are SIP..












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