[cisco-voip] really simple auto attendant script?

John P Callahan jcallaha at willamette.edu
Wed May 6 12:30:31 EDT 2009

We have a remote facility running CME and UE on a Cisco 2811 with 
several POTS lines.   The POTS lines all plar to a receptionist, and if 
the receptionist doesn't answer they forward to the UE aa.aef 

They don't like the auto-attendant - callers are saying it's too 

What the office wants is "You have reached ____.  Press 1 for ___, press 
2 for ___, press 3 for ____".  I've downloaded the Cisco CUE editor but 
starting from scratch seems well -- hard.  The included UE 
"aasimple.aef" is close to what we want but our extensions are 4 digits 
and not contiguous, so "Press 3901 for ___, press 3920 for ___" doesn't 
seem that much better than what they have now.

Does anyone have an aef script that plays a welcome message, waits for a 
single digit, and uses parameters like "Transfer0", "Transfer1", 
"Transfer2", "Transfer3", "Transfer4" to route a call?  Or can I use 
"aasimple.aef" and somehow translate single digit extensions to their 4 
digit extensions?



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