[cisco-voip] call progress in-band issue in Mobility Connect feature

James Jung James.Jung at telecom.co.nz
Tue May 12 19:41:19 EDT 2009

Hi guys,


I have some problem below. I really appreciate any opinion and/or input
on this.



Problem ::


An External Caller dials the DDI number of an extension programmed with
Mobility Connect to a Vodafone cellphone.


The DDI call rings the extension and the caller hears ringing.


Mobility connect sets up a call to the Vodafone Cell Phone and when It
starts to ring 

the external caller stops hearing ringing tone.    ==> This is the


The extensions no answer timout occurs and the call is forwarded to
Unity Connect which answers the call and the caller then hears the mail
box greeting as normal.



If the call is made using a Telecom cellphone as the mobility connect
destination the caller continues to hear ringing tone when the Telecom
cellphone is called.



Network ::


The CUCM version is 6.1(3) and it uses one router with two PRI
interfaces. One PRI is set up as H.323 g/w and the other PRI is set up
as MGCP g/w. The incoming call is through Telecom H.323 g/w to CUCM and
the MGCP g/w is for direct Vodafone mobile network.


When CUCM sets up a mobility call to the Vodafone Cell Phone, Q931 debug
message shows below



**** telecom incoming part of call *****

*Apr 23 02:02:04.477: ISDN Se0/1/0:15 Q931: RX <- SETUP pd = 8  callref
= 0x015D


        Sending Complete

        Bearer Capability i = 0x8090A3

                Standard = CCITT

                Transfer Capability = Speech

                Transfer Mode = Circuit

                Transfer Rate = 64 kbit/s

        Channel ID i = 0xA18381

                Preferred, Channel 1

        Signal i = 0x40 - Alerting on - pattern 0

        Calling Party Number i = 0x2181, '93675312'

                Plan:ISDN, Type:National

        Called Party Number i = 0x80, '3628'

                Plan:Unknown, Type:Unknown

*Apr 23 02:02:04.485: ISDN Se0/1/0:15 Q931: TX -> CALL_PROC pd = 8
callref = 0x815D

        Channel ID i = 0xA98381

                Exclusive, Channel 1

*Apr 23 02:02:05.569: ISDN Se0/1/0:15 Q931: TX -> ALERTING pd = 8
callref = 0x815D 

********** ring tone ***********

*Apr 23 02:02:12.409: ISDN Se0/1/0:15 Q931: TX -> PROGRESS pd = 8
callref = 0x815D 

********** mobile starts to ring 

        Progress Ind i = 0x8182 - Destination address is non-ISDN

*Apr 23 02:02:13.037: ISDN Se0/1/0:15 Q931: TX -> PROGRESS pd = 8
callref = 0x815D 

*********** ring tone stop **********

        Progress Ind i = 0x8188 - In-band info or appropriate now

*Apr 23 02:02:24.685: ISDN Se0/1/0:15 Q931: TX -> CONNECT pd = 8
callref = 0x815D  

**********voicemail answers ***************

*Apr 23 02:02:24.717: ISDN Se0/1/0:15 Q931: RX <- CONNECT_ACK pd = 8
callref =0x015D

*Apr 23 02:02:29.521: ISDN Se0/1/0:15 Q931: RX <- DISCONNECT pd = 8
callref = 0x015D 

********* hang up ***************

        Cause i = 0x8090 - Normal call clearing

        Progress Ind i = 0x8288 - In-band info or appropriate now

*Apr 23 02:02:29.521: ISDN Se0/1/0:15 Q931: call_disc: PI received in
disconnect; Postpone sending RELEASE for callid 0x369A

*Apr 23 02:02:29.529: ISDN Se0/1/0:15 Q931: TX -> RELEASE pd = 8
callref = 0x815D

*Apr 23 02:02:29.765: ISDN Se0/1/0:15 Q931: RX <- RELEASE_COMP pd = 8
callref = 0x015D






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