[cisco-voip] CUCM v.6.0.1 and AD Integration

Maryam Moghaddas marmin79 at yahoo.com
Sat May 30 04:05:34 EDT 2009

Dear VOIP members,

I am trying to setup the capability of "corporate directory search" for our IP phones and IP communicators. There are some questions however:
- Do I need to integrate the CUCM v 6.0.1 with an external active directory?
- It has been mentioned that only XML capable phone devices can support this integration. Do all phone devices support this capability? Do IP communicators support this capability?
- I've synchronized the CUCM and external Active server, according to three steps mentioned in the guide, but I still can not search the corporate directory. Is there any step ahead? Do I need to introduce the users in the AD server again?
- Is there any extra setting per user and per device?

Thank you.

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