[cisco-voip] CM 8 ITL and TFTP problems

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What CUCM version exactly are you facing the below problem with?


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What firmware are your phones running ?


I have a TAC case open on this.  It is definitely a problem with the
Trust Verification Services (TVS) and Initial Trust List (ITL) setup.


A new out of the box phone connects to CM TFTP, downloads the proper
firmware (CM 8.0.3a and 7945 SCCP 9.0.3).  Then the phone registers.
Immediately after that, the phone updates the ITL file.  Then the phone
begins to reject the configuration file (phone doesn't get proper time
zone among other things).  The ringlist.xml.sgn, background images,
corporate directory (https i guess), personal directory (https?) also
don't work. 


TAC has tried a few things but still having the problem and we will look
into it more tomorrow.


I did upload 8.5.2sr1 firmware to CM TFTP including term45.defaults.  I
then factory reset a 7945 phone having the ITL problem with firmware
9.0.3 and when the phone resets and applys 8.5.2sr1 everything works


Documentation on exactly how ITL works and what it is verifying is not
good.   In my case, the phone is definitely getting an ITL file, but for
whatever reason the subsequent files it receives from the same CM server
are being rejected by the ITL verification.


This is a new install of 8.0.3a precutover.  This makes me nervous about
any existing deployments upgrading to a CM8 version with ITL -
especially since I don't really understand the ITL process and can't
find much doc on it.  Having to manually go around and delete ITL files
off of phones would be a pain.  I'm not sure if that will be required in
my case, but I'll update the list as I learn more.



On Sun, Dec 12, 2010 at 9:34 PM, Jason Burns <burns.jason at gmail.com>



Option 150 is usually an array of IPv4 addresses. This is how I have it
setup with my CUCM 8 cluster and my phones are downloading their
configuration files successfully. Your config as you've described it
should be fine.


I'd be curious to see if the phone is downloading the config file and
then rejecting it, or if the phone isn't able to contact the TFTP


One great way to check is to go to the webserver on the IP Phone (if
it's in a state where the web server is active) and download the console
log files.


The phone is going to try downloading the config file, and then compare
the signature in the file with the ITL file contents. Post back the
contents of the console logs, or let us know if you see any errors
there. A good first troubleshooting step is to restart the TFTP service
on CUCM and then delete the ITL from the phone. This will make sure the
phone and the server have the same copy of the ITL file. (The phone will
download the new ITL as soon as you delete it.)




On Thu, Dec 9, 2010 at 10:34 PM, Justin Steinberg <jsteinberg at gmail.com>

	New cm 8 install and I'm having issues with the 7945 phones not
	able to download files (ringlist, phone config file, etc) from
	I think it is related to ITL and the security by default.
	My CM is setup User system>server as IP address.   My voice vlan
	scopes are setup with IP addresses for the option 150 values.
	When I look at the phone, under the security section and ITL
section I
	see the TFTP server is referred there as the FQDN.
	I think my prob is the dhcp scope is IP and do it's not matching
the ITL value.
	Has anyone dealt with this or understand what is going on?

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