[cisco-voip] CUPS 8.6 + CUPC 8.5.3 contact list

Michael Muscat michaelm at umcu.org
Thu Aug 25 09:04:19 EDT 2011


Just upgraded to CUPS 8.6 since I heard about the contact list csv import enhancements.  I was able to successfully import a csv as a contact list for staff.  The only problem is when I want to remove a contact from all users contact list I cannot do it.  I was hoping to just remove them from the CSV and then re-import them but the contact remains in the contact list.  Some users already have contact lists setup and I would like to clear them so that I may import a "Standard" contact list for everyone.  I would appreciate any help in removing contacts for all users other than the user doing it themselves.  I have looked through documentation and searches and cannot find anything on this.  I tried disabling them from CUPS and CUPC license through UCM but that didn't work.  Their contacts remained in place.


Mike Muscat
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