[cisco-voip] UCS Licensing

Frank Wakelin Frank_Wakelin at yvr.ca
Fri Feb 18 12:43:58 EST 2011

For a company that does so many things so very well, Cisco has
completely failed with UCS licensing.  It's been over a month now of
dealing with various levels of support within various disparate
divisions of Cisco, and we are no closer to where we began.   Eventually
we get to the point that we receive yet another shipments of boxes and
boxes within other boxes and boxes that contain the promised magical
pieces of paper known more affectionately as 'PAKs'.  A piece of paper
that quite easily could have sent electronically saving dozens of trees
used to make the cardboard that cradled the paper on its journey across
North America.  A piece of paper that promises to make all things right
in the world, generating a license files that will not only enable us to
finally resume our migration efforts which have been put on hold by the
very vendor we selected for our VoIP solution, but will end an era of
grief and frustration which we seemingly brought upon ourselves in
paying thousands of dollars to that vendor.  A piece of paper that when
activated produces an even more magical license file.  That license
file, when uploaded to our license-starved servers, does nothing more
than crush the hopes and dreams of an entire migration team.  

That aside, happy Friday everyone.

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