[cisco-voip] 7940 to SIP - Manual or plug and play?

Jason Aarons (AM) jason.aarons at dimensiondata.com
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I agree here, SIP load should only be considered on newer phones not 7940/60s. Not enough memory on those older phones I understood.

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By default it will be SCCP. You you either have to change the default auto register protocol to SIP and reset all phones or you could use a BAT function for SCCP to SIP. However, might I recommended you not change 7940 phones to SIP. A 7940 is considered a Type A phone (like a 7960 and I think a 7905 is in that group). Although they will support SIP you lose a lot of functionality when you do that. Dialing acts different (unless you build SIP dial rules) and many features are lost on these model phones. May I ask why you want to make them SIP phones?
On Thu, Jul 28, 2011 at 3:41 PM, Lelio Fulgenzi <lelio at uoguelph.ca<mailto:lelio at uoguelph.ca>> wrote:
If I want to migrate a 7940 from SCCP to SIP, do I have to manually go through the process or can I just plug in a 7940 into the network and when it talks to CallManager, if it's configured as a SIP phone, it will download the SIP firmware?

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