[cisco-voip] UCCX webcallback - error handling

Andrew Grech agrech88 at gmail.com
Thu Jul 3 09:19:27 EDT 2014


I've started to implement a webcallback script based on the sample script
called webcallback found

The basics are working well, however struggling with some error handling...
1. user enters details on web fourm
2. details saved to database
3. cron job sends string to uccx
4. uccx places a call in the queue
5.agents phone rings
6.agent answers call imminently placed into a menu option, agent gets a
screenpop and can press 1 to auto dial the customer number.

I'm not doing any specific number validation on my web form so the agent
may be presented with a invalid number or one they have to dial manually
such as number+ ext 1234.

I'm trying to workout what to do in the call redirect step when the agent
presses 1 to the dial the number and its invalid.. The default script goes
to the invalid branch then loops back to the menu option. I'd like the
invalid branch to allow the agent to manually place the call without ending
the script \ flow. Because if the agent ends the call they will go into the
ready state.

Just writing this I guess I could use a get digit step in the invalid
branch then redirect the call to that variable...

I found this hard to articulate this so I hope its clear.

I'd be interested to know what other peoples systems do when the callback
number is invalid or busy....

Another error handling I'm doing is if no agent resource is available an
email is sent with the customers details.


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