[cisco-voip] what do i lose with the publisher being down?

Lelio Fulgenzi lelio at uoguelph.ca
Fri Jul 11 14:27:50 EDT 2014

I'm hoping I can get some "real world" comments here... 

I need to take the publisher down in order to move it. From what I understand, for the most part, service will continue to operate. However, some things will not be available. From what I gather: 

    * CUCMUser pages will not be available 
    * CUCMAdmin pages will not be available 
    * Services Subscription listing when Services URL pointing to the publisher 

What else will be unavailable? We are not using extension mobility. 

If I program the service URL of a phone to point to a different server, will the phone continue to call that separate server? Or does it need the publisher to get that information first? 


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