[cisco-voip] Video Greetings for Unity Cxn

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Hi Matthew,

Can you let me know the versions of CUC and MS you are using? Also, does the test button provide a positive result on the CUC Video Services page? Also, there are a couple items that are often missed:

1)      You have to either reboot the server or restart the Conversation Manager service after you add the video service

2)      Depending on the phone model, the video camera may be muted (not sending video to CUC). You may have to unmute the video camera before recording the video greeting.

Check those out and let me know. I also have a LUA script I need to give you to control the resolution better than regions can. I am planning on writing a whitepaper to the same effect and modifying the CUC documentation to mention the same.

TME - MediaSense and Unity Connection

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Anyone played with this yet? Have a Media Sense Server, have video services setup, my account provisioned right, have a small set of ports setup on a sip trunk to my CUCM, dial the Route Pattern I have, get the video interface, get to the point where I can record, do the recording hit pound and then it fails back to audio only with an error to that effect.

Trying to find a comprehensive guide on setting this up has been lacking... some stuff in Unity Cxn docs, some stuff in media sense docs.. really cool new feature but I really wish they'd develop some complete walkthroughs for these new features.

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