[cisco-voip] UC SSO question

Ahmed Abd EL-Rahman Ahmed.Rahman at bmbgroup.com
Thu Oct 8 08:32:43 EDT 2015

Hi Gents,

I have configured all my UC 10.5 cluster services (including Cisco WebEx Meeting Server 2.5 MR5) for SSO. CUCM, Jabber desktop client, and WebEx access working correctly with SSO from the corporate LAN with PCs joined to the domain, which how it should work without having to re-enter any credentials when accessing these service.

My question is a laptop for example which already joined the domain is trying to access the UC services from outside the network (Jabber Desktop client and webex) as they are both configured with public access, should the SSO works with this laptop from outside exactly the same way as it works from corporate LAN so that the user doesn't have to enter any credentials manually or it is normal to be prompted for credentials when he access from outside the corporate network ? I'm asking about SSO nature.

Best Regards

Ahmed Abd EL-Rahman
Senior Network Engineer

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