[cisco-voip] CUCM 10.5 and Exchange 2013 voicemail setup.

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Sounds like you have a lot going on there!

How did you move into the 10.5 environment?  Did you do a bridge migration or a 'stare and compare'?

A fast busy could be a few different things (css, partition ... etc) or dns based since you mentioned fqdn or resource based.

What codec are you trying using?

Have you pulled traces?

What is the disconnect cause code for one of the failed calls into the hunt pilot?

If you can reproduce a failed call and then send me the traces or the sip messages I can give you a much better answer.



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Subject: [cisco-voip] CUCM 10.5 and Exchange 2013 voicemail setup. 

We currently are moving from Exchange 2007 to Exchange 2013.   We have three CAS servers and 3 Mailbox servers, all virtualized.   In our test environment, before we moved from CUCM 6.1 to 10.5 we are able to at least get Exchange 2013 to answer a SIP trunk request from CUCM 6.1.   Now in CUCM 10.5 we just get a fast busy when we dial the VM pilot number.   Does anyone have experience with this and have a guide that we could follow?    We have followed a number of guides from Microsoft and they have not proven to be the magic answer.
We have a SIP trunk set to the CAS servers with all three individual servers listed in the Destination section (all FQDN) port 5060
We have three separate SIP trunks to the three mailbox servers with all three having the ports 5062 through 5068 listed and again FQDN for the destination address. 
The VM pilot (route pattern) is associated with the CAS trunk. 
Do we need a route list and hence a route group?
Thank you for your knowledge and wiliness to share.  And especially thanks to this forum for providing us the access.  
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