[cisco-voip] What are "registered other station devices" in RTMT?

Tim Reimers treimers at ashevillenc.gov
Thu Oct 22 15:11:06 EDT 2015

So are ATAs counted within the Registered Devices field?
ie, is Registered Devices both 79XX phones and ATAs (and any other models of phone on the network..)

thanks, Tim

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It's just any devices that don't fall under the other categories.  I know voicemail ports also show up under there.

On Thu, Oct 22, 2015 at 2:43 PM, Tim Reimers <treimers at ashevillenc.gov<mailto:treimers at ashevillenc.gov>> wrote:
Hi all -
I’m trying to figure out where ATAs show up in the RTMT Device Summary –

I’m not sure if Registered Devices includes just IP phones, and all my ATAs are the “other registered station devices” ???

Looking around on TAC website, I find that “other registered station devices” is mentioned in multiple documents, as a part of Device Summary.
But unless I’m just missing it – there is no definition of what that means..

thanks, Tim

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