[cisco-voip] as built doc generation

Ryan Huff ryanhuff at outlook.com
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- should be a web app, no desktop gui
- if I have to use a desktop GUI, please let me maximize the window
- I need an API, everything is better with an API (even toasters)
- I want a cloud based export; an arguable point I know, because I could manually move the local export to a cloud
- I want a regex engine that allows me to tone down the captured data based on pattern matching



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Hi, Ryan,

I like Uplinx. What are some of the shortfalls?


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What is everyone using to build as built docs nowadays?

Variphy doesn't quite get everything I want to see and Uplinx is nice but has some shortfalls IMO that never seem to get addressed. Anyone have other suggestions besides Variphy and Uplinx? I'd love to whitebox something but do not have the time.


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