[cisco-voip] Bash script to decrypt DRS backups

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Mon Mar 7 03:49:24 EST 2016


Hi All, 

Been struggling with this; I know that the CUCM DRS backup's are
encrypted with a random password and that the random password is
encrypted with the Cluster Security password. I'm trying to come up with
a Bash script to decrypt. I know Pete Brown came up with this tool for
windows: http://www.adhdtech.com/uctools.html however it looks like it's
closed source so I'm not sure how the decryption function works. 

>From looking through the logs, it looks like some sort of byte to hex
conversion takes place in the random password generation and my best
guess is the SHA-256 hash value of that password is then added to the
XML. Hoping that maybe Pete can shed some light in to this process? 

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