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Daniel Pagan dpagan at fidelus.com
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Not sure if you found a solution to this problem, but I've been working on a similar issue since my last message. We are thinking the problem is related to an existing defect, CSCup16651, only this bug is filed under CIPC instead of the 88XX/89XX model. The defect describes the same output we're observing on affected IP phones where console logs display "Max TCP connections reached" and begin showing delayed processing of SIP transactions.

If, for whatever reason, you have a CUCM node in the CCM group offline in your scenario, you might run into this problem. I'm currently pushing for creation of a new defect and can share that ID if you feel it would help.

Hope this helps.


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I have heard of this but have yet to see it from a trace perspective. For troubleshooting, my first step would be to determine if the problem is CUCM or the IP Phones that don't stop ringing. The call is sent to an 8851/61 using INVITE, which means CUCM should force them to stop ringing on CANCEL.

<<< 100 Trying
<<< 180 Ringing
[[ Answered on other phone ]]
<<< 200 OK CSeq Cancel
<<< 487 Request Terminated CSeq INVITE
>>> ACK

If this transaction occurs without issues, the problem is likely the IP phone and not CUCM, but digging in further would likely require review of console logs off the phone to determine if the CANCEL was received and handled properly. If this transaction does not occur, then further review into SDL signaling would be needed depending on where the transaction broke.

Basic way to find SIP signaling to an 88XX is searching CCM SDL traces for "TCP message to <ip_addr_of_phone> on port" or "TCP message from <ip_addr_of_phone> on port". Console logs would contain signaling info too and might be easier, but SDL of course is not written there.

Curious... what version of firmware are you running?

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All, i'm on CucM 10.5.2 using cisco 8851 and 8861.
When several phones share the same number, when that line is picked up by one of the phones - all the other phones continue ringing.
Anyone experience this, or have a tshoot method that works,


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