[cisco-voip] UCCX HA and CUIC Historical Data Source

Abhiram Kramadhati (akramadh) akramadh at cisco.com
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Hi guys,

So, here is the expected behavior and we are taking 11.5 as reference:

Historical datasource:

The historical datasource on either node should always point to the non-master Node. So, assume N1 is the master. CUIC on N1 should be pointing to N2 datasource host and CUIC on N2 should be pointing to N2 datasource host. Also, unlike older versions we don’t redirect users to the secondary UCCX IP to login to run reports. You can login to any node CUIC and run the report, but the datsource host should be the secondary server.
However, we have seen cases where the nodes point to each other: N1 pointing to N2 (expected), N2 pointing to N1 (problem). This is opened as a defect and we are investigating why this can happen and I am guessing that’s what has happened in Anthony’s case in the original email thread.

CSCvd22513 is the defectID for your reference. I will share more information on the outcome of the investigation.


This is always pointing to the local node by default and need not be changed. The LD datasource uses REST API to figure out the engine master and will obtain the feed from the current active server. The LD failover too should happen automatically. So if the engine failover happens and you are still logged into N1 (slave now), LD should still be available and usable.

Abhiram Kramadhati
Technical Solutions Manager, CCBU
CCIE Collaboration # 40065

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I will get back on this by Monday with details.

Abhiram Kramadhati
Technical Solutions Manager, CCBU
CCIE Collaboration # 40065

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Nope. Abhiram?

On Thu, Apr 6, 2017 at 2:31 PM Nick Britt <nickolasjbritt at gmail.com<mailto:nickolasjbritt at gmail.com>> wrote:
Hi Anthony,

Sorry to grave dig but just wondered if you ever got an answer for this?

I am about to go down this rabbit hole myself as a customer wants a better explanation (documentation) as to how this is supposed  to be configured and how this should behave.



On Wed, Jun 15, 2016 at 10:22 PM, Anthony Holloway <avholloway+cisco-voip at gmail.com<mailto:avholloway+cisco-voip at gmail.com>> wrote:
There seems to be zero documentation for UCCX that mentions changing or adding Data Source configuration in CUIC when running HA; whether HAoL or HAoW.

However, I have heard from Cisco employees, forums posts, and colleagues, these two points:
1.      The Data Source should point to the secondary node, and you have to manually change it, as the default is pointing to the primary node.
2.      The Data Source's Secondary tab is defaulted to disabled, and not populated.  It shouldn't be used, and CUIC takes care of updating the Data Source during a failure.
First off, where in the documentation is that explained?  I cannot find a good explanation, sans ambiguity, to save my life.  Are people just spreading rumors and old wives tales?

Also, I do know that back in the HRC days, the client would handle the connection to the secondary server automatically.  So, I can see where this tale comes from.

Now, with HAoW, I tested failover with the server shutdown.  Not in slave, but actually powered off.  What I observed was, the Data Source was not automatically updated, and I could run any reports, despite being logged in to the secondary CUIC server.  The Data Source connection test failed, obviously, and reports failed, obviously.

I did consider take a leap of faith and confiure the CUIC Data Source's Secondary tab, but the user account to connect to the DB instance was not in my control, and I don't know the password.  I'm sure I could get it, but it was a show stopper nonetheless.

So, has anyone here actually tested with a failed node or island mode with their HA setup, or is it all just speculation, like this post:


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- Nick
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