[cisco-voip] CUCM LDAP integration question

Ahmed Abd EL-Rahman Ahmed.Rahman at bmbgroup.com
Tue Apr 18 07:38:29 EDT 2017

Hi Ryan,

The two different domains are under the one forest.

But let me ask something else, If I used only the LDAP integration without LDAP authentication, so call manager will fetch users accounts from the LDAP but in this case the authentication will occur against CUCM users (which actually were fetched from the LDAP), my question in this case when the accounts are being fetched from LDAP they will be fetched with their current domain passwords, right?

Best Regards

Ahmed Abd EL-Rahman
Senior Network Engineer

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Hi Ahmed,

You're on the right track, you can sync multiple forests/directories but you can only bind against one schema.

Might be time to look outside of AD for authentication (SSO).



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On Apr 18, 2017, at 5:50 AM, Ahmed Abd EL-Rahman <Ahmed.Rahman at bmbgroup.com<mailto:Ahmed.Rahman at bmbgroup.com>> wrote:
Hi Gents,

I have CUCM 11.5 and end users belong to 2 different domains with 2 different LDAP systems, here is my question; is it possible for the call manager to integrate with two different LDAP systems in the same time to provision and authenticate end users’ account? I do understand that we can add 2 LDAP directories in CUCM but when it comes to LDAP authentication I can find only 1 possibility is there ???

So any clues ?

Best Regards

Ahmed Abd EL-Rahman
Senior Network Engineer

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