[cisco-voip] Jabber with IM&P but IM disabled

Pawlowski, Adam ajp26 at buffalo.edu
Thu Apr 27 11:17:28 EDT 2017


If anyone could humor me to save the trouble of installing the IM&P server just to go look at this, I have a question. 

Many times now I've read that the only way to get Presence on the Jabber client is to run in full UC or IM&P mode - phone only mode doesn't have it. While that appears to be true, I eventually came across some information that says that you can run the client in Full UC, install the IM&P server to handle Presence - and then go onto the IM&P appliance and disable instant messaging - though this is service wide. 

How does this look to the client when this is done? Does it recognize that XMPP services are not available and not display chat windows/send buttons? Does it display them but they are disabled, or, worse even, does it let you chat into a hole that never works? 

Since this hasn't appeared under any design that I've come across, I'm just curious how this is. Having presence and contact lists to couple with URI dialing would be great, even if we're not able to go down the road of offering IM in this environment.



Adam Pawlowski

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