[cisco-voip] Problems With Internation Dial Plan (GBNP)

Gary Parker G.J.Parker at lboro.ac.uk
Fri Sep 1 06:01:49 EDT 2017

Morning all, I came across a significant block of numbers in the UK that can’t be called by our cucm (11.5.1(SU2) with the 3.1.34-GB dialplan) due to them not being recognised as valid NATIONAL calls.

Milton Keynes numbers (01908) hit the following rule:

Pattern:	0+1[2-9][02-9]X+[2-9]XXXXX

Failing number:	0 1 9    0    8  0   67000
				 ^ this is where the match fails, it’s not a digit between 2-9

I’ve added a route pattern to allow the numbers to be called but I wondered if this was something that was worth/qualifed for being raised as a defect with TAC?

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