[cisco-voip] Jabber/Apple IOS 11 - Push Notification

Matthew Loraditch MLoraditch at heliontechnologies.com
Thu Sep 21 05:52:18 EDT 2017

Apple changed their plans and pushed the code change to IOS 12.

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Hello all

I was under the impression that when users update to version 11 of IOS on Ipad/iphone the Jabber app would no longer recieve call/notifcations when the app is running in the background?

We only have a handful of users using Jabber on Iphone/ipad so we didnt see the point in rushing through an upgrade.

Yesterday, I upgraded to IOS11 (iphone/ipad) and my jabber still works exactly as it did before?

The spill i read and was told below.

-Jabber to no longer run in background for an extended period
-Jabber terminated if not running in foreground after some time

Can anyone shed a light on this? Have i missed something?

Thank you.


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