[dc-ops] Suggestions for USB cell modem for SMS alerting

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I use the Wavecom / Sierra Wireless GSM modems:



Several open source tools will drive them. The serial one just uses an AT command set. Simple and well documented. You can get them for a couple hundred bucks new, or used/Chinese knockoffs for less than $100 on ebay. Make sure the model you're ordering is compatible with the frequency band your intended carrier uses.

If you're using AT&T gophone prepaid service with this ($20/month unlimited text, no voice; $5/month 200 text, no voice) you'll need to get a "real" AT&T sim, not a gophone SIM. Take your gophone SIM to an AT&T store, tell them it's broken, and ask for a new one. They'll give you a SIM that works with the modem.

Don't use an external antenna unless you absolutely must. Don't mount it outside the building unless you absolutely must. You'll need to consider lightning/ESD protection if you're using an outdoor antenna.

Patrick Shoemaker

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I'm trying to setup a box to send critical nagios alerts via SMS directly to operations staff's phones using either kannel or smstools. Does anyone have any suggestion for a USB cell modem that will work in a datacenter in the NE US? Verizon & AT&T have decent service in our region. Ideally the modem would be able to be connected to an external antenna we would run up to the roof.

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