[e-nsp] "Latest" SW for Summit48 (without i chipset)

Adam Rothschild asr at latency.net
Sat Jul 9 12:54:36 EDT 2005

On 2005-07-09-12:33:01, F J <ripprapp at hotmail.com> wrote:
> I have several Summit24 and Summit48 (without the "new" i chipset).
> Currently I am running SW from 1999 on these switches. :( I am aware of the 
> fact that I cannot upgrade to the newest SW since I do not have the i 
> chipset on these switches.
> Neverthess, I am wondering which is the latest SW release I can get on these 
> switches?

I believe 4.12.1b1 is the latest "stable" code for this platform.
There are also 5.x builds with minor feature adds (incremental
configuration downloads and MAC -> VLAN mapping comes to mind), but
I'm not sure if they ever become publicly accessible.

My advice to you is to contact the Extreme TAC, and explain your
situation and need for current software; I've found them to be very
accommodating in this regards.

Now, if somebody could direct me towards a source of third-party
Summit PSU's (as the power supply seems to have a habit of flaking
right after the warranty is up) and rack ears for this platform, I'd
be in good shape... :-)


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