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Yes it´s possible.

Check out chapter: Explicit Class of Service (802.1p and DiffServ) Traffic
Groupings in Extremware user guide.

Basically you enable diffserv replacement on desired ports, and specify the
new diffserv code the IP packets should have. You use dot1p to diffser
mapping for that.

You can also setup and ACL that matches on the network you want to "stamp",
and assign that to a QP class of your choice. In your case Q6 perhaps. Then
all the packets get Diffserv prio 48.



On 8/21/08, Networkers <cisco at peakpeak.com> wrote:
> Is there a way on the 6800's to "stamp" diffserv into packets on a given
> switch port?  I'd like to set EF on all packets coming in on a certain port
> so that other routers later on can prioritize it.
> Thanks,
> Chris
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