[e-nsp] auto-negotiation and ELSM - not working on particular port

Marcin Kuczera marcin at leon.pl
Wed Jan 25 17:16:02 EST 2012


Recently I have a strange issue.

There are 2 x450-24x switches connected with 2x1G over DWDM (passing 
through link states).

Now, both links are in sharing mode to get 2G.

switch number 1:
upgraded from  summitX- to  summitX-
when putting XGM-2xn inside.

switch number 2:
running summitX- v1243b5-patch1-5

now, after reboot (power down/up) of switch 1, one of the 2x1G links 
didn't come up.

I went to switch 1, removed SFP, put it again - link is up.
But, after EAPS reconfigurations when I needed to disable 2x1G between 
switches, this link didn't come up any more...

Today - some research:
- DWDM is ok ;)
- switch 1 is ok, first link moved to second port - works fine
- switch 2 - autonegotiation is not working on one particular port
- when configured switch 2, auto-off on "faulty" port - port comes up 
(with a loop via DWDM).
- when switch 1 and switch 2 are configured on this "faulty" link as 
auto-off, link is UP and working properly !

- so, I have configured both links to auto-off (required by sharing to 
be same), trafic flow properly.
- ok, last step - ELSM... on link #1 - ok, on link #2 - shuts down ports 
on both sides... (half mode).

It looks, that NONE of signalling works on switch #2, neither 
auto-negotiations nor ELSM.

The question is - what should I restart (which process) to repair it ?
I don't want to restart whole switch at the moment, but also there is no 
way to restart elsm by command (only show) not mentioning about 
auto-negotiation process that is "who knowns"..

Anyone facing similar issues ?


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