[f-nsp] Any guide for moving configs from Cisco?

Cliff Albert cliff-nsp at oisec.net
Tue Apr 5 13:00:48 EDT 2005

On Tue, Apr 05, 2005 at 12:57:53PM -0400, Tuc wrote:

> > > 	Well, I did. I was told my devices didn't support BGP.... Thats
> > > weird :
> > 
> > The FastIron itself does support BGP, however Foundry offers no support
> > for people running BGP on a FastIron, they do support BGP on BigIron's
> > and NetIrons.
> > 
> 	Odd, when I was sold the units in mid-2002 I was told they'd do
> 3 full BGP tables, and much more. Shame on me for believing a salesperson.

The Units WILL do 3 full BGP tables (even more) but Foundry will not
support you if you do so on a FastIron.

Cliff Albert <cliff at oisec.net>

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