[f-nsp] Quick questions about healthcks

Oliver Adam oadam at madao.de
Tue Dec 16 11:05:04 EST 2008

What type of health check is configured? Is it the default HTTP 
health check looking like:

server real whatever a.b.c.d
   port http
   port http url "GET /something.html"

or similar?

The default return codes which are allowed are 200-299 if I remember 
correctly but you are able to influence them:

server real whatvever a.b.c.d
   port http
   port http url "GET /something.html"
   port http status_code <range1> <range2>...<range4>

port http status_code 200 299

would allow the status codes 200 to 299 only and not 404.



At 16:24 16.12.2008, Drew Weaver wrote:
>Content-Language: en-US
>Content-Type: multipart/alternative;
>Is there any way to make a healthck fail on a 404? For some reason 
>even though the server is returning a 404 the healthck is still passing.
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