[f-nsp] Enabling ipv6 on J-BxGMR4

Chris Hellkvist chris.hellkvist at googlemail.com
Thu Feb 16 12:06:29 EST 2012

Hi Nick,

2012/2/16 Nick Gray <ngray at cyberwurx.com>:
> Greetings and thanks for the information! Does anyone know where I
> could get a B2R image? Also, will this new image remove configuration
> options from B2P? If I deploy a B2R image on a production layer3
> router deployment, would there be any issues?

as the images are copyright protected by Brocade you should get them
using a Brocade support contract. Sometimes also nice people on this
list send you links to a image off-list ;-). AFAIK there should  be no
problem when changing from B2R to B2P regarding the config, but it
depends hardly on that options you use - and if this options are
available on both image versions.


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