[f-nsp] Enabling ipv6 on J-BxGMR4

Matt Kassawara mkassawara at gmail.com
Thu Feb 16 16:25:44 EST 2012

I'm not aware of any special licenses to enable IPv6 on the FCX and
most other Brocade IP products, at least in recent history.  Please
elaborate on your issue with the FCX.

On Thu, Feb 16, 2012 at 1:50 PM, Jethro R Binks
<jethro.binks at strath.ac.uk> wrote:
> On Thu, 16 Feb 2012, Nick Gray wrote:
>> That is indeed unfortunate as all of our equipment is purchased from
>> third parties. Seems that is the way they get you with those contracts.
>> Its surprising ipv6 isn't supported by default. Alas, I will wait for a
>> kind soul to provide personal help.
> Foundry/Brocade's attitude to ipv6 has never been good over all the years
> in my experience.
> Even now, if I want "advanced features" like IPv6 on modern kit like the
> F-CX, I have to pay an additional premium which on the last quote I had
> nearly doubled the cost of the switch.  I sent a very long ranty email to
> my Brocade contact about how disgraceful it was and so on and so forth,
> and said he was free to pass on my comments to whoever.  I didn't really
> expect a response, and I wasn't disappointed.
> Even these days I'm not quite sure what the situation is with various
> models we were told were "ready for IPv6" years ago, but turns out they
> need upgrades/premium code, did it in software not hardware, blah blah.
> Jethro.
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