[f-nsp] Access to VLAN extended statistics with SNMP

Alexander Shikoff minotaur at crete.org.ua
Thu Feb 7 18:41:48 EST 2013


I have a VLAN on MLXe router configured as:
vlan 775 name Customer
 untagged ethe 6/2 
 tagged ethe 1/8 ethe 2/2 ethe 2/6 to 2/7 ethe 3/8 ethe 4/8 ethe 6/1 
 vlan-accounting on

Extended statistics is available in CLI:

telnet at lsr1-gdr.ki#show vlan 775 statistics 
VLAN 775: Extended Routed/Switched Counters (only applicable for G2 modules):

Interface RxPkts           TxPkts           RxBytes          TxBytes          

Slot 1:
eth 1/8   391831957        879848548        56671847316      1125928728529    

Is it possible to get these statistics with SNMP?
Thanks in advance!


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