[f-nsp] CAM limit on MLX

Alex HM alex.hm.list at gmail.com
Mon Feb 11 16:35:11 EST 2013


I am trying to work out what happens if I hit the CAM hard limit and if my
project is doable.

I am considering running 8 eBGP sessions with full-route on each (approx.
3'500'000 prefixes expected). As far as I could figure out, the CAM limit
depends on the CAM profile. The XMR seems to support 1M IPv4 prefixes in
ipv4 profile mode and 512K on MLX. These figures are according to “CAM
partition profiles” of the MLX Configuration Manual.

1) What is BR-MLX-MR2-M considered to be and which limit would apply to
that part?
2) What happens when the limit is reached?
3) If it simply can't work what am I supposed to do to run 3.5M v4

I know the question has been asked previously, but I didn't find any
mention of the above part, neither did I find the "consequences" of hiting
the documentation limit.

Any hint most welcome.
--- Alex
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