[f-nsp] Double-switched (looped) traffic on Netiron MLX

"Rolf Hanßen" nsp at rhanssen.de
Tue Mar 1 16:00:56 EST 2016


I have no solution for that beside using vpls/vll-local. I don't think
there is one.
We had that issue many years ago, we had to remove "router mpls" from an
MLX config because of not enough RAM and ran into the same issue.
We opened a support ticket and got an answer like "that is not a supported
They did not even tell us that transparent-hw-flooding solves this (we
found out later and used it).

btw, transparent-hw-flooding can override the "route-only" statement.
I had another issue where I forgot to disable it on an interface which
resulted in strange issue as long as transparent-hw-flooding was not set.
I was told by Brocade that this also disables some routing-stuff.
A route-only interface will switch traffic for vlans with
transparent-hw-flooding configured.

kind regards

> On Tue, Mar 01, 2016 at 09:59:02AM +0100, i3D.net - Martijn Schmidt wrote:
>> The MLX platform is not a layer2 switch by default, so there are two
>> ways to solve this problem:
>> a) Use a VLL-local to bridge VLAN 999 from the firewall, through the
>> MLX, to the ICX2. Then the MLX does not even learn the MAC addresses of
>> the packets which are passing through.
>> b) Perform a "no route-only" on all the interfaces which are involved in
>> layer2 switching.
> There is already no route-only set on the interfaces in question (I forgot
> to
> mention that). The device is acting as switch & router.  Otherwise, the
> internal VLAN would not be switched with transparent-hw-flooding set as
> well.
> I see that the switching does not work until transparent-hw-flooding is
> set. I
> wonder if this is related to the same mac address showing up in two
> different
> VLANs or some kind of loop detection. If transparent-hw-flooding is set,
> the
> device just floods all the traffic without analyzing it.
> Best regards,
> Franz Georg Köhler
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