[f-nsp] Memory leak on ICX7450

Franz Georg Köhler lists at openunix.de
Wed Feb 7 19:34:58 EST 2018

On Mi, Dez 13, 2017 at 09:31:56 +0000, Tim Warnock <timoid at timoid.org> wrote:
> I used to test 10,000 “show run” and 20 “show techs”, along side 10,000 full SNMP “walks”.

We were able to verify this on Fastiron 08061b. There is no problem on
It occurs with "sh conf", not "sh run", but is pretty easy to replicate
with the right command. Connection type (ssh/console) doesn't matter.
This has been reported to Ruckus and is going to be fixed in 08061c
coming end of March.

Not sure if this is present in 08040 and 08060.

Best regards,

Franz Georg Köhler

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